Our cheesecakes crusts have a nut and maple syrup or date base.  The cheesecake fillings and toppings  have a cashew cream and coconut oil base and are sweetened with maple syrup. All flavours and colours are natural and plant based. Please contact us if you need further information on any of our flavours.
Category: Cheesecakes

If you have purchased a custom made cake then it may be defrosted as per our storing instructions and served on its cake board.

If you have purchased our mini cheesecakes they can be served directly in their dessert cups.

As our products are natural and do not contain stabilisers and preservatives they are temperature sensitive and are best handled when frozen to maintain the look of the product.

Category: Cheesecakes

Our cheesecakes are best kept in the freezer until the day of serving.

We recommend removing them from the freezer 30 minutes to 1 hour before serving. They can also be defrosted slower in the refrigerator.

Category: Cheesecakes

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